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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Wi-Max and Walmart via Futurenow

WiMax is a Wi-Fi standard that's being developed by a consortium of companies, chiefly spearheaded by Intel at this point. What it will do is allow for any Tom, Dick or Harry podunk company to buy a T-1 and basically feed a whole town internet access and other wireless services, on the cheap, bypassing the telecom carrier. More on WiMax. In particular it's been mentioned that Wal-Mart has looked into the idea of providing area wireless broadband. Wal-Mart already has stores everywhere, so why not use their facilities to broadcast locally, act as provider, and along the way connect with local shoppers? They could also provide VoIP phone service as well ... Ma-Wal-Mart! Dan Shermanamplifies this,"Imagine this scenario... Walmart adds capacity to their already notorious bandwidth coming into their stores (that they use for their data links) and sets up Wi-Max points of presence at each of their stores. Because they would be buying all this bandwidth in bulk (every Walmart in America) they could get the best bandwidth price than anyone else in the US and then hook people up via Wi-Max to these point's of presence.Also, because they would be buying so many, they could get the modems that their customers would need for DIRT cheap and basically give them away with a purchase of over $200. They could feasibly (profitably) sell ultra high speed internet access to the masses."
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