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Monday, July 05, 2004

It Would be Cool if My Blackberry & My iPod Were the Same Thing via NS

The title of this post says it all. I want a single device that has:
- Cell phone
- Email (Blackberry pager style) & PIM (Palm Desktop)
- iPod MP3 player
- Digital camera (stills or short videos)
- e-Wallet (all my credit/debit cards on a chip, securely protected)
- LCD for video/still images and text
- Broadband wireless Internet
- Bluetooth, and Bluetooth earbud/mic
- Java OS so I can download and run stuff
- Laser gun (OK, OK, had to throw that in)
- AM/FM radio receiver
- Retinal or fingerprint scanner or some other built-in biometric security so only I can use it
- Bar code reader (would be useful to have -- would enable me to scan items that I want to price compare or remember for later)
The economist recently published an article Shape of phones to comeWhat is clear is that the mobile handset is now much more than just a phone, and depending on what else you want to do with it, it may assume a very different shape altogether. It may even need a new name. Indeed, at Motorola, the second-biggest handset-maker, the term “cell phone” has now been banned. The handset is now turning into more of a “personal network device” says Tom Lynch, president of Motorola's handset business. “We are trying to think more broadly about it,” he says, “which is why we call it ‘the device formerly known as the cell phone'.”

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